Scribbles and Scripts

Posted by on May 8, 2012 in Behind REP 5091


Dele attempts to create a make-shift tie to stand in for the REP’s

Behind REP5091- In these little blog updates we’ll give you a look at what we are up to behind the scenes while making the film “REP 5091″

While all of you were off enjoying the bank holiday weekend- we were hard at work on the ever daunting approach to the shoot. On May the 7th we gathered on Abbey Road (In Rob’s flat- not, as one would expect, the studios made famous by a band named after some insects…) to put together the storyboard for the film.

Rob insists that “Sass” is an important part of the creative process. Dele takes note.

We started with every intention to actually “shoot” our storyboard. Every shot on the list would have a photograph taken instead of drawing it out like you would a conventional storyboard. Unfortunately after spending a good twenty minuets discussing the first 4 shots (of which there are about 140) we quickly revised our plan. Instead we took to scrutinising the written shot list and began to trim the fat. The REP 5091 script currently stands at 23 pages – which for a short film is fairly chunky, so it should come as no surprise that it took the remainder of the day to make our way half way through it.

Rob eyes the shot list as if it’s a game of chess…in which he’s just been check-mated.

The process of making a film is not a quick one…as we’re finding out, as we are also attempting to produce it ourself! With all this preliminary work, however, it will really / hopefully speed up the shoot.

With the shot list vandalised and the script heavily scribbled on, we’re closer to seeing what we will need to achieve on the actual shoot.  Conveniently Rob’s flat has a pub below which really helped the work…flow, shall we say.