Live at the Super Meet- MAKING REP 5091

Anthony also took to the stage to present the “Making of REP 5091″ to a room of 2000 people at this years supermeet in Las Vegas!

Here was their words to introduce the talk:

Want to take effects to the next level? Filmmaker Anthony Brownmoore and Autodesks Marc-André Ferguson will take you behind the scenes on creating REP 5091, an effects-centric short film. Find out why Anthony chose Smoke and how editing and visual effects combined enable better storytelling. Anthony will show off the production and post-production workflow for REP 5091 and how he brought the project to life using Autodesk Smoke.


Check out the webpage here:


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    The Auditions

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    London Calling – Making REP 5091 in the UK

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    In Production Now