Ending at the Start

Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Behind REP 5091


On the final weekend of September the camera rolled for the last time on the Rep and Martin as we wrapped filming at the beginning….

Daniel Abelson as Douglas

The final shots to go through the lens were in fact the first shots everyone will see in the film. Originally planning to shoot the film in its running order; we clearly ended up abandoning that as we realised we would probably still be shooting the living room scenes now if we had (the things you learn, eh?).

Robin Holden as Martin

The whole of the film is now in the can and is making its merry way around Soho in London with some very talented people giving over their creative eye and precious time. Speaking of talented people, we have been lucky enough to have them in droves on this project. From our incredible actors, stunningly talented DP and the wonderful crew – every one deserves our biggest thanks and gratitude for making REP 5091 more then we ever imagined it would be.

So our thanks go out to our team:

Daniel Abelson

Robin Holden

Emma Dalesman

Joni Juutilainen

Bella Collins

Danielle Fairbrother

Andrew Bradley

Tom Maine

John Malaney

Elliot Bellwood

Tom Lockwood

Jim Knopp

Simon Batchelar

Chris Perry

Falk-Hagen Bernshausen

Casper Jones

Ben Chapman

Maria Ferrie

Matt Vahey

Christopher James Smith

Ben Hanson

Sam Rookes

Issac Olabode Olayiwola

Dele Ajayi

Jess Reynolds

We couldn’t have done it without you! Now on to post production…